strips holder
strips holder

Strips Holder

The strip is mounted in a plastic injection moulded called strip holder, placed with other strips in a 'strip board' which is then used as a representation of all flights in a particular sector of airspace or on an airport.

The color of the strip holder itself often has a meaning. StripHolder is designed and manufactured following ATC and Air Traffic Controllers’ requirements. It strictly meets all specifications and has been certified by biggest Air Radar Integrators. HIS Hermieu International Supply selects high quality of plastic materiel able to supply comfortable use and long life.

Our strip-holders are adapted to work correctly with flight strip paper in both systems: Roll and Fan-fold. We are manufacturer of several sizes, standard and spring loaded available in more than 10 different colours with competitive price. Any new coloured could be manufactured upon customer’s request.

References Models Dimensions Axis spacing Weight
SH8x1V1 Standard 8” x 1”(29 x 200 mm) 145 mm 0,38 g
SH8x1V3 Spring loaded 8” x 1” (29 x 202 mm) 146 mm 0,40 g
SH10V2 Standard 10 pouces 10" x 30" (34x255mm) 188 mm 0,35 g
SH13V2 Standard 13½ pouces 13½" x 30" (34x345mm) 188 mm 0,50 g

Colors available All other colors on request

Rack Strips holder

The flight strip holders are placed in a strip board called Strip-Holder rack, panel or bays. The strip board has vertical rails in Stainless steel that constrain the strips in several stacks.

HIS Hermieu International Supply is able to supply you with high quality of white metal racks to handle 10 or 20 strip holders in each one. This panel can be fixed on desktop or on wall.

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